After a horrible weekend where hooliganism – once again – showed its ugly face in Sweden, it’s good to hear about the fantastic story from the Ukrainian Premier League.

Here, the Georgian footballer Jaba Kankava had a good, but somewhat anonymous career until Sunday afternoon. Now he’s being talked about woldwide, labelled “a true hero”.

During the match between FC Dnipro and Dynamo Kiev, Oleh Husiev from Dynamo was hit hard by Dnipro’s goalkeeper’s knee and was instantly knocked out. But even worse: Husiev had swallowed his tongue and Kankava sensed the severity of the injury and immediately rushed to perform first aid. Thanks to his opponent’s quick reaction, Husiev could stand on his feet again a few minutes later.

It now turns out, that this is not the first time Kankava saves a life. In a statement on the club’s website, he says: – I faced such situations before, so I knew what to do. Once I helped my national team partner this way.

– Do you feel like a hero?

– I don’t. I think anyone would have acted the same way. Anyway I just hope Oleh will be fine.

Watch he video of the heroic action below:

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